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Artist of the month on PerryEleven

I’m really happy to be one of the artists of the month on Justine Perry’s “PerryEleven” music and lyrics blog. Justine is a young, professional lyricist, songwriter, music tutor and blogger who achieved several awards. If you’re a songwriter or lyricist it is definitely worth to check out her website. She did a great job on reviewing my album. Read the whole article if you have a few minutes.

“Released in January 2014, ‘Your Time Is Now’ is the latest album by German singer-songwriter, Ralf Dee. Ralf creates a unique blend of folk, folk-rock, alternative, country and blues. This blend of musical genres runs throughout the album and makes an interesting listen. ‘Your Time Is Now’ really grows on me with every listen…”
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Wyrd Music Radio Show June Edition

The June edition of the WYRD MUSIC WORLD WIDE RADIO SHOW. This the first of two shows to promote the CLAMPIT CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL, a 3 day festival of live music fun and family/ children orientated events crafts and music workshops.

I’m looking forward to playing my first UK gig at the festival on August 23.

“Clampit Creek is a beautiful secluded Caravan and Biker Friendly Campsite situated on the outskirts of the village of Haxey in North Lincolnshire…”  read more

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Live in Jutta’s Cafe & Bar

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BTD Radio Big Twitter Show

The BEYOND THE DAWN RADIO Twitter Show, Monday April 28th at 4 pm PST (1 am CET).

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Lonely Oak Radio

LONELY OAK RADIO is a great California based radio station that added my music to rotation. They play ROCK all around the clock, including Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie, Psychedelic Rock, Brit Rock, Acid Rock, Hard Rock, some Jazz and some Alternative Country.  “New Music” is an 1 hour program they air twice a day at 3am and at 3pm PST, 10am and 10pm UK time and 11am and 11pm CET.  


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The BEYOND THE DOWN UNPLUGGED SHOW airing Monday March 24th at 4PM PST. 

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Review On The Kitty Opal Show Blog

Here’s a review of the new album written by Kitty Opal for THE KITTY OPAL SHOW music blog. She’s also introducing the best in under-the-radar music on The Kitty Opal Show featured on REACH ONAIR RADIO every Wednesday from 9pm UK time.

“…Your Time Is Now is significantly different from many albums that are being released currently. While many albums are filled with songs about love and heartbreak, ‘getting it on’, and generally partying, German singer-songwriter Ralf Dee has written an album with songs talking about relying on technology, global and local issues, and those people that are only around when you’re doing well and disappear when things start to change…”

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“The Lucky Ones” Airplay

“The Lucky Ones” will be aired on two radio shows this week. It will be included in THE KITTY OPAL SHOW on REACH ONAIR RADIO today, Wednesday March 12 from 9pm GMT.

It will also be played on THE CC LAWRENCE March 13 SHOW. The show will be uploaded and available to listen to at 12:05pm EST on Thursday March 13.

Tune in!

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Muzic Magazine Artist Review

Here’s an Artist Review on Australian Music Blog MUZIC MAGAZINE posted by David Kolle. I would like to thank him for the post and recommend to follow his Blog.

…”Ralf Dee, a German based Singer-Songwriter, delivers his brand of Folk, Folk-Rock, Indie, Blues and Country, in a style that is new and refreshing”…

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Magic Music Review

This is a Post by “musigician” on the new tumblr blog MAGIC . It is a detailed review of the songs on my Soundcloud page. “Musigician” has done a very fine job on it and I recommend to follow this talented writer. He also reposts songs he likes on INDIE ROCK REPOST on Soundcloud. Check it out.

…”Ralf Dee falls into a bunch of genres, including folk, folk rock, country, country rock, alternative, indie and blues. There are, however, some things that set him aside from other artists covering these styles: his guitar work, mixing technique, unique voice, and finally, his superb story telling ability”…

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