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Der MUSIC INTERVIEW MAGAZINE Musikblog über mein aktuelles Album. Vielen Dank an Paul J Wolfle für den sehr gelungenen Artikel!

The MUSIC INTERVIEW MAGAZINE Music Blog about my latest release. Many thanks to Paul J Wolfle for the great article!

“…Bluesy, honest and often humorously clever, contemporary indie singer-songwriter and guitarist Ralf Dee’s latest album, Glück gehabt, or “Have Been Lucky,” was recorded entirely in German. But do fans need to speak the language of the song lyrics to really hear the music? Dee has created eleven new original acoustic tracks in a style that answers the question and more. Ironically, luck has nothing to do with it…”

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The NBTMusicRadio’s Best Albums of 2014

I’m very happy to announce that “Your Time Is Now” is on the list of NBTMusicRadio‘s best albums of 2014.

“… 150 totally amazing albums from artists all over the world and from every musical tribe conceivable and of course, all played on the NBTMusicRadio”.

Listen to the station and find the full list here.

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Live-Musik mit Ralf Dee begeisterte zahlreiche Sommergäste

Hier ist ein Artikel von Erich Kreilinger aus dem Rottenburger Anzeiger vom 02.07.2014 über den Auftritt in Ergoldsbach.

Live-Musik mit Ralf Dee begeisterte zahlreiche Sommergäste


“…(ek). Am Freitag erlebten zahlreiche Sommergäste ab 20 Uhr im idyllischen Biergarten von Jutta’s Cafe einen höchst vergnüglichen Musikabend mit einem eher introvertierten empfindsamen Liedermacher, Sänger und Gitarristen Ralf Dee, der seit 2008 solo mit seiner Akustik-Gitarre durch Süddeutschland zieht. Infolge des hochsommerlichen Temperaturen hatte man den Musikabend, der vom Kunst- und Kulturverein als Abschluss der diesjährigen Musikveranstaltungen in Jutta‘s Cafe organisiert hatte, ins Freie verlegt. Ralf Dee konnte mit seiner Musik begeistern und spielte einige seiner einfühlsamen Lieder. Die Stilrichtung des ursprünglichen Bassist bewegte sich stilistisch irgendwo zwischen Folk, Folk-Rock, Alternative, Indie, Blues und Country. Besonders gut gefielen die Lieder „Blink of an eye“, „The lucky ones“, „Your not good enough“ oder „Just for a little while“. 2009 veröffentlichte Dee die erste EP „Just For A Little While“. Es folgten bundesweite Solo-Gigs und Supports für Künstler wie „The Dad Horse Experience“, „TV Smith“ und „Geoff Berner“. Währenddessen stellte er auch die „Ralf-Dee-Band“ zusammen. Das erste Album „Destination Unknown“ entstand 2010/2011, inzwischen hat der unermüdliche Liedermacher vier Alben, und es ist kein Ende seiner ungeheuren Kreativität bemerkbar. Seine Band erspielte sich einen guten Ruf bei Club Gigs und Festivals. Daneben machte Ralf Dee weiterhin Solo-Auftritte und schrieb reichlich neues Material. Die Originalbesetzung der Band löste sich auf und Ralf Dee konzentrierte sich auf die Produktion seiner Alben. Mit dem Drummer Christian Ertl und dem Gitarristen Tom Rothbucher wurde aktuell das Album „Your time is now“ fertiggestellt , das seit Januar erhältlich ist, und aus dem Dee einige Lieder zum Besten gab. Den Gästen hatte das Gehörte rundum gefallen. Allgemein hieß das bayuwarische Gesamturteil „Guat und schee wars“…”

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Artist of the month on PerryEleven

I’m really happy to be one of the artists of the month on Justine Perry’s “PerryEleven” music and lyrics blog. Justine is a young, professional lyricist, songwriter, music tutor and blogger who achieved several awards. If you’re a songwriter or lyricist it is definitely worth to check out her website. She did a great job on reviewing my album. Read the whole article if you have a few minutes.

“Released in January 2014, ‘Your Time Is Now’ is the latest album by German singer-songwriter, Ralf Dee. Ralf creates a unique blend of folk, folk-rock, alternative, country and blues. This blend of musical genres runs throughout the album and makes an interesting listen. ‘Your Time Is Now’ really grows on me with every listen…”
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Review On The Kitty Opal Show Blog

Here’s a review of the new album written by Kitty Opal for THE KITTY OPAL SHOW music blog. She’s also introducing the best in under-the-radar music on The Kitty Opal Show featured on REACH ONAIR RADIO every Wednesday from 9pm UK time.

“…Your Time Is Now is significantly different from many albums that are being released currently. While many albums are filled with songs about love and heartbreak, ‘getting it on’, and generally partying, German singer-songwriter Ralf Dee has written an album with songs talking about relying on technology, global and local issues, and those people that are only around when you’re doing well and disappear when things start to change…”

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Muzic Magazine Artist Review

Here’s an Artist Review on Australian Music Blog MUZIC MAGAZINE posted by David Kolle. I would like to thank him for the post and recommend to follow his Blog.

…”Ralf Dee, a German based Singer-Songwriter, delivers his brand of Folk, Folk-Rock, Indie, Blues and Country, in a style that is new and refreshing”…

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Magic Music Review

This is a Post by “musigician” on the new tumblr blog MAGIC . It is a detailed review of the songs on my Soundcloud page. “Musigician” has done a very fine job on it and I recommend to follow this talented writer. He also reposts songs he likes on INDIE ROCK REPOST on Soundcloud. Check it out.

…”Ralf Dee falls into a bunch of genres, including folk, folk rock, country, country rock, alternative, indie and blues. There are, however, some things that set him aside from other artists covering these styles: his guitar work, mixing technique, unique voice, and finally, his superb story telling ability”…

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Album Review On Impropaganda

Here’s a review of the new album written by Matt Hill on IMPROPAGANDA Music Reviews/Blog.

“German singer/songwriter Ralf Dee takes a really interesting and alternative take on folk music as can be heard on his second album, Your Time Is Now….”

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Love Music Magazine

Here’s a review by Kevin Mann on Love Music Magazine Issue 8:

“… I have been given just a brief snapshot into Ralf Dee’s latest offering released on the 31st January 2014 but already it has made quite an impression. This Folk, Blues and Country infusion is very well produced and is toe tapping good to boot…” read more


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