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Magic Music Review

This is a Post by „musigician“ on the new tumblr blog MAGIC . It is a detailed review of the songs on my Soundcloud page. „Musigician“ has done a very fine job on it and I recommend to follow this talented writer. He also reposts songs he likes on INDIE ROCK REPOST on Soundcloud. Check it out.

…“Ralf Dee falls into a bunch of genres, including folk, folk rock, country, country rock, alternative, indie and blues. There are, however, some things that set him aside from other artists covering these styles: his guitar work, mixing technique, unique voice, and finally, his superb story telling ability“…

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Album Review On Impropaganda

Here’s a review of the new album written by Matt Hill on IMPROPAGANDA Music Reviews/Blog.

„German singer/songwriter Ralf Dee takes a really interesting and alternative take on folk music as can be heard on his second album, Your Time Is Now….“

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Love Music Magazine

Here’s a review by Kevin Mann on Love Music Magazine Issue 8:

„… I have been given just a brief snapshot into Ralf Dee’s latest offering released on the 31st January 2014 but already it has made quite an impression. This Folk, Blues and Country infusion is very well produced and is toe tapping good to boot…“ read more


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